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Responsive Leadership. Progressive Solutions.
Recognized Leader in New York
Tireless and Dedicated Advocate
for Dryden's Interests and Our Shared Values.

Re-Elect Martha Robertson

Tompkins County Legislature
District 13, Town of Dryden (west)

A leading voice from Dryden since 2001

  • Chaired the Tompkins County Legislature and the TCIDA from 2010 to 2013. 
  • Recognized leader in New York: Serves on the first Executive Committee for the Women’s Leadership Council for NYS Association of Counties.
  • Leads Tompkins County initiatives in sustainability, housing, and social equity.
  • Spearheaded successful Housing Summit in 2016. 
  • Leads negotiations with NYSEG and NYS to find alternatives to gas pipeline. 
  • Fought against $20 M new jail in 2005 and still working to invest in proven alternatives rather than incarceration. 
  • Tireless and dedicated advocate for Dryden's interests and our shared values.

Martha's working on....

Chair, Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee

Chair, Program Oversight Committee of Community Housing Development Fund

Committees on Public Safety; Jail Study; and Old Library, and Energy Task Force

TC Industrial Development Agency

If she's not at a meeting, Martha's probably on email or on the phone – working for you!


Martha’s Priorities


Elected in 2001 following her successful advocacy and organizing against a proposed new highway through western Dryden, Martha has continued to champion smart growth and sustainability – principles that guided the County's first Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2004.

Martha has strongly advocated for greater housing choices in the county, to enhance equity for people of all income levels, fight climate change with smarter development, and improve community livability for all. Her leadership of the 2016 Housing Summit, “A Place for All of Us,” was instrumental in elevating the community conversation around our housing crisis and what it means – for all of us!

SUSTAINABILITY – Protecting Dryden

Martha stepped up to lead on the issue of hydrofracking, as a frequent speaker in Albany and at rallies around the region. She co-founded an important advocacy group, Elected Officials to Protect New York, a bipartisan coalition of 800+ local elected officials from every county in NYS. Martha was a member of the Energy and Economic Development Task force, which met in 2015-16 to find solutions to cut our carbon footprint without hurting economic growth in the county. In the past year she has continued to lead in negotiations with NYSEG and the PSC, to make the West Dryden Road. gas pipeline unnecessary with a "REV for gas."


Martha has a consistent, strong record supporting an adequate safety net and effective alternatives to incarceration in the county. She was proud to cast the deciding vote against a $20 million jail expansion in 2005, the last time NYS pushed Tompkins County toward construction. Martha serves on the Advisory Committee of the Ultimate Reentry Opportunity initiative, believing we can do even more to reduce our jail population and help people as they return to the community.


Cuomo Robertson

In the 2010 photo shown here, Martha continued her advocacy against unfunded state mandates with then-gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo: “It matters who pays for state services like Medicaid. When it's in the state budget, we pay for it through the progressive income tax. However, when it's in the county budget, we pay through the regressive property tax. That's not fair.” New York continues to be the only state that charges a major portion of its Medicaid bill to counties. This and other unfunded mandates are the root cause of high property taxes in NYS.

Martha will continue to fight for fairer taxes; that is, for State funding of their own programs.